Saturday, November 18, 2006

About Me and This Blog, The Armchair Orchidist

I love orchids. I have been growing orchids now for a while and I just think they’re amazing plants. I first became interested in orchids when I was a kid. I tried growing a couple, but never had much success.

I used to think I couldn’t grow them in my home, but I have discovered that with a little work and patience it’s really not that hard. These are incredible plants. Orchidae is the most diverse and complex plant family on earth, with so many different species and varieties it’s astounding. People have also played a major role in orchid ecology, both as a destructive force and a constructive one through creating manifold new hybrids and growing orchids just about everywhere people live.

This blog is intended to share some of the expertise and passion I’ve gained in growing orchids over the past year. It is really intended as an informational site for beginning and intermediate orchid growers, who grow orchids in the home. As I have gained more knowledge about the basics of orchid growing I have found myself wishing that some of this information was more accessible. Most of all, I simply want to share my excitement with others who are just getting started with these amazing and complex plants.

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Van said...

U mentioned in one of the posts that you used a Mist Maker to increase humidity. Can you tell me more on how exactly did you use it? Do you put in in a water bowl and place it near your plants? Does it really increase the humidity in the room or it is just for decoration purpose (create fog). Plz let me know asap cuz my plant is suffering from bud blast that I think the main reason is low humidity.